Hi there! My name is Louis Gilman.
I am thrilled you’re here!

I am a PhD student with major in biomedical sciences. I have always had an interest in science, especially those relating to biology. My interest in the human health encouraged me to further my understanding in this area. My passionate is on cancer research and development.

In my blog I would share with you reliable, unbiased and up to date information in cancer research, including cancer therapy, cancer markers, cancer diagnosis, cancer prevention and cancer immunotherapy.

I was taught that it is much better to struggle with your sicknesses by developing your health rather than taking drugs infinitely. All these clearly define my high interest in keeping healthy lifestyle that is reflected in my big love of sport. I am a real tennis fan which means that I enjoy playing and watching it. Thus I always try to find some time to go out and play such a wonderful game with my friends.

My goal is to be healthy, be happy, love people and help them in my way.